Tournament scRUb League 4: Lords of Cinder [Round 2]

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complete legitimacy

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The Clowns That Come Back to Bite Bruxish (0) vs. The Taliban Tyrantrums (7)
SM: Kev vs. tom holland
SM: Ajna vs. bkdrew
SM: Earth vs. Lugia Proto
SM: Ferno vs. Wanonymous1616
SM: Finchinator vs. Finchinator
ORAS: TDW vs. Mannat
ORAS: snow vs. Moon
ORAS: Chicos vs. Starmei
ORAS: Maskun vs. neomon
BW: Energy vs. yedla
BW: Mylo Xyloto vs. SilentVerse
BW: Scizorphobic vs. Averardo
BW: LegendarySerperior vs. cyanize
Manager: roman vs. Feliburn

The Screamer Explouds (5) vs. The Fucking Rekt Feebas (5)

SM: Cheese5555 vs. EviGaro
SM: Mirbro vs. Yay
SM: Jase The World vs. BelmontGabriel
SM: Gorfield vs. Sir Isaac Mewton
SM: esche vs. blinkboy
ORAS: eifo vs. Bouff
ORAS: Luthier vs. CryoGyro
ORAS: Ampha vs. Lord Crucify
ORAS: WMAR vs. hjkhj
BW: Finchinator vs. Amaroq
BW: Double01 vs. -Tsunami-
BW: The Leprechaun vs. Aurora
BW: trace vs. zizalith
Manager: Lord Death Man vs. DurzaOffTopic
+1 pity point to the Fucking Rekt Feebas

Here are the rules for the tiers:
  • SM RU
    • Everything that has 117 base Speed or more is banned, except Salazzle
    • All Pokemon that resist Fire are banned, except Salazzle
    • All priority attacking moves are banned
    • Choice Scarf and Occa Berry are banned
    • Thick Fat and Heatproof are banned
    • All Pokemon must have the move Scald
    • Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, Refresh, Rest, Safeguard, and Rain Dance are banned
    • Water Absorb is banned
    • Lum Berry and Rawst Berry are banned
  • BW RU
    • Ninetales is legal (so Drought is legal)
    • Flash Fire and Thick Fat are banned
    • Occa Berry is banned
    • Rain Dance, Hail, and Sandstorm are banned
    • Snow Warning and Sand Stream are already banned in normal BW RU so don't worry about those
  • Managers will play ORAS Ubers Triple Battles
    • You're playing a triple battle where you don't use Mega Rayquaza
Other things to keep in mind:
  • The Finch vs. Finch matchup will once again be decided by a rap battle
  • Whoever faces SilentVerse must write a coherent 1000-1200 word tragic narrative using forum members as characters. A decent quality attempt will yield a win, and this can be repeated as many as times as necessary until a win is awarded.
  • The Double01 vs. Shake matchup will be decided by the poll
Once again, please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification regarding the rules. As you saw last round, we reward good posting in the smack talk thread, so please continue that.

Deadline is Sunday night.
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complete legitimacy

is it cold in the water?
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The deadline has passed. Thank you to all those that played/participated in some other capacity.

Wins given:
Kev vs. tom holland (activity/posting)
Finchinator vs. Finchinator (I can't believe I just gave activity for a rap battle)
TDW vs. Mannat (posting)
Chicos vs. Starmei (posting)
Maskun vs. neomon (activity)
Mylo Xyloto vs. SilentVerse (failed to complete the specified task)

Mirbro vs. Yay (activity)
Jase The World vs. BelmontGabriel (activity)
esche vs. blinkboy (activity)
WMAR vs. hjkhj (activity)

You might notice that the second matchup is now tied. Luckily, Durza took me up on my previous offer for a tiebreaker and defeated a grand total of 0 Darkrais.

Thus, the Taliban Tyrantrums and Screamer Explouds win. In other news, there will be a short delay for posting the next round, but I assure you that the show will go on as we head toward our final week before the championship round. Stay tuned.
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